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Submission Rules and Guidelines

Escape Artists

This Sony-based company has the right of first refusal on any loglines that get submitted to the system. If they do not want to see your script or treatment, your logline will either appear live on the site for other producers and agents to view or it will be deleted. This all depends on which option you choose on the submission form which is explained in detail on the form page.

Escape Artists has produced many films including "Antwone Fisher" and "The Weatherman" starring Nic Cage. They like contemporary stories and lean towards dramas although they have other genres in development. They are VERY picky so you might want to choose the WIDE option so that others will see your logline should Escape Artists pass on yours.

Read this carefully.
Below you will find your submission options.

Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in the disqualification of your submission. Sorry to be like this but it's the only way we can handle thousands of submissions.

1. No more than five submissions per thirty day period.

2. Do not resubmit the same material more than once. Producers and agents will always be able to access the info that you previously submitted. We can't do updates and we can't make changes. This is why we ask you to read your submission carefully before you click the final "submit" button and make sure you don't have any mistakes. If you can't deal with this policy, please don't submit.

3. Submit a logline only if you have literary material to back it up. In other words, we are not accepting ideas at this time. The only exception to this is if you have life story rights to sell. If you are submitting a screenplay logline, the screenplay must be finished. No works in progress.

4. We are only accepting material for features, cable and network TV movies. No television shows or specials .

5. One logline per submission. If you have five stories, you must fill out the form five separate times.

6. You may submit a logline of your material only through this website. Submissions will only be accepted by using our online submission form. Don't e-mail it to us through our e-mail address or it will not be considered. Don't ask us for a personal e-mail address for Escape Artists execs. They will only look at online submissions here.

7. If the submission does not contain at least a sentence or two about the story, it will not go into our database and be considered. In other words, don’t just say:

"It’s a great story, go to my website for more info."

We won't accept this listing. You can mention your personal website but only after you give a short description of your material.

8. We reserve the right to edit or remove a listing from our database as well as not allow a listing to be entered into the database. Submission of material does not guarantee that we will enter it into our database. We must approve it first.

9. We reserve the right to discontinue this literary submission service at anytime.

10. We suggest that you register your material with PROTECTRITE which is the equivalent of registering with the WGA but it's cheaper, offers longer terms and online registration.

11. We suggest you use an e-mail address that will not change for a long time. Perhaps set up a hotmail or Yahoo account. If your listing goes into our database that can be accessed by all, it will remain there for an indefinite period of time. We do not have the resources to change your entry to accommodate a new e-mail address.

12. Do not call, write or e-mail us or the two production companies asking about the status of your submission. If you do, your project or future projects cannot be considered.

13. When submitting material, give us no more than a few sentences about it (60 words max). If you are unable to reduce the storyline to 60 words or less, you might want to rethink your story. We don't have time to read every beat of your story. If it's too long, the form will not accept it. And stay away from using all caps LIKE THIS. IT'S HARD TO READ and your submission will be rejected.

14. We suggest that you use a word processor to compose your listing then cut and paste it into our form (Do Not Use Any Type Of Formatting, ie: Bold, Italics, Colors etc.) Typos are a no no.

15. You will come to our release form after choosing a submission option below. Please read it before submitting.

16. By submitting material we will add your name to our e-mail subscription list. You will receive a free newsletter with all sorts of great info such as new free classes, new articles posted to the site, tips on writing, etc. We promise not to sell/rent your address to any outside party. *You have the option of removing your address on our e-mail subscription form located on practically every page of our website.


You have a choice of two ways to submit a logline. Read both carefully and choose the method that works best for you. Once you click the final submit button, you will not be able to change your mind later or make any additional changes to your entry. (except for your contact info). You will not be able to have the submission(s) removed from our website. If you e-mail us to do this, the e-mail will be ignored. Sorry but we don't have the staff to handle all the requests.


Only Escape Artists and Hollywoodlitsales.com will see the submission. If it does not fulfill the needs for Escape Artists, the submission will be deleted. It will never appear on our website. If it does fulfill their needs, they will be in touch by e-mail asking for a script or a longer treatment. This might take days or weeks depending on the number of submissions at that time.


The submission will first be sent to a storage area on our website that only Escape Artists and Hollywoodlitsales.com can access. If Escape Artists likes the logline, they will contact you and either request a script to be snail mailed, or a one page treatment which you will submit via our web form. If your submission does not fulfill the needs of Escape Artists, it will appear "live" on the website for other producers, agents and companies to consider.

This might take days, weeks, or even months depending on the number of submissions at that time.

It will remain in the database for an indefinite time. Industry professionals will be able to search through the listings in a variety of ways. For example, by genre, writer, keyword, type, date of posting etc.

Since we have no control over who sees the postings and who might ask for your material, we strongly advise you to research any agent, producer or company before sending them material. Don't write to us telling us that you think you sent your script to an unscrupulous producer who wants to steal your material. If you do your homework, you should never have this problem. There are enough resources, including our own Spec Screenplay Sales Directory to help you figure out who is legit and who isn't. Never just send a script out hoping for the best. Know your marketplace!

You will only be allowed to choose ONE of these methods to submit a listing.

Click on the button below. It will take you to the legal mumbo jumbo release form. You must agree to it or we can't look at your material.

Got a question?  Read our FAQ page.  Still got a question?  Contact us here.  Be very patient for a reply.


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